take care of yourself with movement



we all know moving is a basic need of our body, but in the world of “no pain no gain” it can often feel more like a punishment than self care

step beyond “15 min Flat and Toned Abs” workouts and experience movement that supports your body and makes you feel starlike


learn how to take care of yourself

support your body and put yourself first

Based on my own practice and teaching hundreds (seriously) of clients, I designed a careful blend of yoga flow + pilates rooted in modern movement science to bring you a well rounded, full body experience that strengthens your body for the years to come and ACTUALLY FEELS GOOD
feel starlike

self care through movement with Starlike Studio


experience classes for all moods: from sweaty flows to mellow stretches 

develop real skills and learn how to move in a way that honours your unique body and needs


I know moving at home isn’t easy, which is why I help keep you inspired and consistent

attend weekly live office hours to ask questions and catch up



starlike is a down-to-earth space where we explore movement together, not just another online subscription

members thoughts and needs are fundamental


get moving
In the past I have found exercise to be a chore that I dreaded. It’s so different now that you showed me how to workout well, it helped to shift my mindset and change my lifestyle. 
Your confidence in your knowledge makes me feel safe in your hands. I appriciate how you share all that you know so freely to help make us stronger and confident.

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