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  • each week has a theme and a movement plan that brings you pilates, flow & chill
  • you can move through full step-by-step 21-day programs to improve your flexibility, strength & technique
  • stay inspired + consistent with a class reminder's groupchat

what's special about starlike


carefully designed class library with Starlike's signature classes: Strengthen, Stretch, Sweat and Soften

step-by-step programmes to help improve your technique + flexibility  



understand how to move in a way that works for your individual body, needs & goals

my teaching is rooted in anatomy and modern movement science, not “methods”,  to offer you timeless knowledge


stay inspired and consistent with a weekly movement plan & community chat with class reminders

Starlike classes bring together pilates, mobility and yoga flow to help you find real freedom in movement and your body

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I’ve tried yoga and Pilates so many times and didn’t think it was my thing until I met Lena! She’s so attentive and the best instructor I’ve ever met. A real work out and super relaxing at the same time!
I've never felt stronger or more empowered than I have since I started movement with Lena. I now enjoy prioritising my practice instead of feeling like it’s a chore!
 From de-stressing to healing to sweating, Lena continues to inspire me to move no matter my mood, by catering to the needs of all human states. The diversity of this platform amazes me and continues to grow with Lena’s weekly movement plans. I look forward to it every week.
My life would simply not be the same without it. Thank you Lena!

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