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Look, for years I was in a loop of doing 15 min Flat and Toned Belly-style workouts on my bedroom floor and (not so) secretly hating every second of it. Whenever I fell out of the “routine” I felt guilt and frustration about not being “motivated enough.”

I thought I was the problem, when in reality it was modern fitness culture — build around shrinking our bodies, “no pain no gain” and false promises. No wonder we can’t stick to something that feels like a punishment, instead of a pleasure 

‚ÄčLearning how to actually listen to what my body needs and enjoys allowed me to totally change my relationship with movement, my body and allowed to start to properly take care of myself.

Movement changed my life (sounds very sappy but it’s true), I would love to help you do the same.

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We all know that sooner or later we will have to do a “workout” (or feel guilty about not doing one). I will be the first person to say that yes, movement is just like food or sleep - nonnegotiable. The problem is that fitness culture convinced us that we should “exercise” solely to make parts of our bodies bigger or smaller.


That resulted in a loss of what should be foundation of every movement experience: enjoyment.

feeling starlike 


Starlike was built to help you create and nurture an intelligent movement practice that genuinely works for your body, needs and lifestyle 

(and leaves you feeling starlike!)




Outside of moving and grooving, I am getting a degree in East Asian Studies, improving my Japanese (it's a major struggle), and ocasionally getting obsessed with zoo themed video games. 

When anxious, rewatching the economic drama masterpiece The Big Short, starring Steve Carrell, puts me at ease. 

If you want my matcha latte recipe, give me a shout.

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formal qualifications
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200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Soul Centre
Mat Pilates and Equipment Teacher Training Soul Centre 

Teaching Mentorship with Annabel Gebbie 

200hr LYT Yoga Teacher Training 

LYT Yoga Sequencing 101 

Breathe Education Anatomy & Movement 

Barre Variations Barre Teacher Training